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Haysom Print has high quality printers to do a great print job.

What is digital printing?

Digital printing simply means printing done from a computer to a printer. When you print this page to your inkjet or laser printer it is digital printing. Obviously the printing equipment we have is a lot bigger, a lot faster and a zillion times more expensive than the one you have in your home or office, but they work in pretty much the same way.

What are the advantages of digital printing?


There are many advantages of digital printing as opposed to off set printing. Here are the main ones...


  • Fast turnaround time.
  • Less expensive for small quantities.
  • No expensive plates.
  • No additional cost for extra colours.
  • Possible to print different information on each print (this is called variable data).


Have you been told that digital printing doesn't have the same quality as off set printing? This was certainly the case a few years ago, but is very rarely an issue now.

What are the disadvantages of digital printing?


Digital printing is still a relatively new technology and can sometimes have some limitations such as...


  • Colour consistency when printing large solid areas.
  • Problems printing on paper or card that is not reasonably smooth.
  • Digital printing is not economical for printing very large quantities.

If you don't really care about any of this and just want your job done the cheapest, quickest and best quality way possible, that's fine - just leave it up to us to decide the best print method possible and we'll give you the finished result you're looking for.