Graphic Design Printing | Cheap Graphic Design | Auckland NZ

Graphic design does not need to be a major issue; all we need is some sort of rough initial concept or brief of the desired look that you wish to achieve.

This is solely so we do not waste a lot of time going down the wrong track.

If you feel a little out of your depth coming up with an "initial concept" we are very happy for you to sit with us in front of our screen while we come up with some ideas.

It is important for us to get a feel for what you wish to convey.

Our Pricing

$60.00 +gst per hour with a minimum charge of $30.00 +gst.


Most simple jobs we can give an estimate on and to ensure you don't get any nasty surprises we will contact you before we go over this time.


We are very happy to give an honest appraisal of anything you have designed yourself. Sometimes there are technical reasons why things will not work. It is our job to bring this to your attention. And of course there is no charge for this kind of service.



Our philosophy is "design that works". At the end of the day function must come before looks... but of course we strive for both!