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Haysom Print has a variety of print options to suit your printing needs.

What is offset printing?


Offset printing is printing with a conventional printing press. It uses plates to transfer the image to the paper or card.


What are the advantages of offset printing?

There are many advantages of offset printing as opposed to digital printing. Here are the main ones...

  • Suitable for a larger range of work (packaging, envelopes, etc).
  • Can print on a much wider range of card and paper (can print on both thicker and thinner stock than digital printing).
  • Can print with metallic inks (gold, silver, etc).

Have you been told that offset printing is on its way out?

Not likely... almost all the junk mail in your letterbox is off set printed.


What are the disadvantages of offset printing?

There are a few, some of which are...

  • Ink takes time to dry, which can slow down the turnaround time.
  • As plates are required, this can again slow down the turnaround time.
  • Offset printing is not economical for printing very small quantities. It takes the same time to set up the printing press for 50 copies as 5,000.

If you want the cheapest, quickest and best quality job but don’t really care what type of printing is used, that’s okay - just leave it to us, we can decide the best print method to suit and we'll give you the finished result you're looking for.