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Haysom Print - We can custom design a stamp to suit your needs. We have choices of refillable, self-inking & a variety of sizes.

Stamp Maker

Custom designed pre-inked stamps

  • Refillable
  • Self-Inking
  • 11 Different Sizes


All stamps available in: - RED    -  BLUE    -  BLACK

For Your information-

The 4040 stamp is the most common size used for "Common Seals"

The 1212 stamp is the most common size used for stamping loyalty cards. (coffee cards)

Either the 1438 or the 1850 for the backs of cheques and envelopes.

The 4090 where a signature is required or space to write several lines. This is the largest stamp in the range.

But of course choose the size that suits your need.

5 Easy Steps...

  1. Choose colour and size
  2. Email or fax wording
  3. Check and return proof we have sent you
  4. Pay by cheque or internet banking. Sorry no credit card facility available.
  5. Receive stamp by post or courier... or... drop in, 99% of the time we can make a stamp for you while you wait. Eftpos available.


Please Note: All the stamps below are not drawn to actual size. Please go by the dimensions given.

Order four or more stamps at the same time and receive a 10% discount off the quoted prices here.

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